30 Feet tall Tomato plants? Meet the man who did it in India.

Believe it or not! Tomato plants can grow upto 30 feet tall Advancement of agricultural research has increased farm yields but the lower returns for produce and rising costs of chemical and other inputs have made agriculture unprofitable. Farmers like Manoj Bhatia... Continue Reading →

Forget Software, Earn crores by doing Scientific farming.

Meet Mr. Bollapally Srikanth the inspiration for modern farmers. Bollapally Srikanth’s has been a success story to take Inspiration from. He is a leader in Indian Floriculture Industry and he has shown the world how true aspirations matched with hard... Continue Reading →

Agriculture is fascinating “ FROM Rs. 181 in 2001 to Rs.2.5 Crores turnover in year 2016”,

Heros and change makers  of Indian Agriculture If you dream, set your goals and work towards it with commitment nothing is impossible. Inspirational story of Mr. M Prakash, Owner and founder of Ekalavya Nursery, Bengaluru This 48-year old man is... Continue Reading →

Commercial cultivation of Dendrobium orchids in india

Courtsey: Mr. Bharat Bhojane, M. Sc. (Agri), General Manager – Buisiness Development (Rise n Shine Biotech P Ltd.)  Importance of orchids In India Highest selling flower in Indian cut flower industry. Most popular Dendrobium variety Main Import Cities: - Mumbai,... Continue Reading →

Right Technology in farming yields better production

Right investments in technology can bring higher returns in agriculture. At one end I meet farmers who don't earn more than 40 thousands per acre per year while some of the farmers are easily making upto average 4-5 lakhs rupees... Continue Reading →

Doing Greenhouse farming? Extend the life of greenhouse film by 25 %

Premature damage (Not related to UV Degradation) of Greenhouse film is a major issue among greenhouse farmers in India.   This premature damage happens due to degradation at the contact point with metal as follows: Metal used in greenhouse construction is... Continue Reading →

Why TheAgrihub?

#TheAgrihub is world’s first agriculture specific online discovery platform. This is the need of the hour for agribusiness and farmers across the globe. Here are a few scenarios which you may relate to: Difficult local Sourcing: I have been in... Continue Reading →

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