Why TheAgrihub?

#TheAgrihub is world’s first agriculture specific online discovery platform. This is the need of the hour for agribusiness and farmers across the globe.
Here are a few scenarios which you may relate to:

Difficult local Sourcing:

  • I have been in International Agribusiness for 22 years. Having travelled more than 30 countries for exhibitions, conferences,business and spending several dedicated years in this sector ,Idid not know where to buy basic fertilizers and pesticides for my home garden at Bangalore.
  • One of my friends staying in a posh locality in Bangalore was on the lookout for some Papaya seeds for his farm. He did not know where he could buy superior quality seeds. I rescued him by getting Red Lady Papaya Seeds from Known-You seeds using my business contacts.

Information on latest available Technologies:

During my travel I have come across several technologies where farmers can earn big money by investing in protected cultivation using greenhouse and net house farming. But for a common farmer or business owners it is impossible to know all latest technologies at one place.

Business Sourcing:

  • For traders, retailers and farmers discovering new products and technologies can be a herculean task in the scattered cyberspace or exhibitions. I had a recent experience which validates this argument.
  • In my existing agribusiness in Bangalore I wanted to source products useful for organic farming and Integrated pest management. I travelled to Shanghai for an exhibition and zeroed on sticky traps made in Korea distributing in India. Subsequently I discovered better quality sticky trapsbeing manufactured right in Bangalore just 40kms away from my office. With this small information I could source my product locally and gained both on input costs and business margins.
  • Expensive Exhibition and product showcasing and launches:
  • International businesses looking to expand their business in other countries spend thousands of dollars to showcase their existing products and launch new products in exhibitions. Duration of these exhibitions is only 3-4 days. Often you receive more casual visitors than targeted customers.
  • There were many other real life scenario both for agribusiness and farmers that I came across. This motivated me to bring out a solution to make agri inputs sourcing easy. The Agrihub has been developed to address the above mentioned problem scenarios and to make product sourcing easier.


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