Doing Greenhouse farming? Extend the life of greenhouse film by 25 %

Premature damage (Not related to UV Degradation) of Greenhouse film is a major issue among greenhouse farmers in India.   This premature damage happens due to degradation at the contact point with metal as follows:

  1. Metal used in greenhouse construction is Zinc coated.
  2. Zinc tends to migrate from the metal to the plastic at the contact point.
  3. Metal also gets heated due to adsorption of IR.
  4. Warm meatal transfers heat to the plastic in contact.
  5. The greenhouse film gets warm during the day and cool during night.
  6. Alternative heating and cooling tends to make plastic brittle and weaker at contact point.
  7. The heat also increases zinc migration to plastic at contact point.
  8. The zinc migration can be easily by black marks on the plastic at the contact point.
  9. The zinc migration also degrades the plastic.


What is the Solution??

  1. Use of water based paint at the metal before installation of plastic
  2. Use of water based paint from outside of greenhouse film in a 4 inch strip at the contact points.


Water based acrylic paint from outside the greenhouse film at the contact This paint acts like an Insulator


Roller brush to apply the paint.

What is the available product??

Solar Guard is the best product available in the market. It is manufactured by a Dutch company Mardenkaro which specializes in film protective paints for horticultural application.. Solar Guard is a high quality paint  which does not contains harmful solvents or other phytotoxic components.

Why Solar Guard is different?

  • Solar Guard pigments is made up exclusively out of microscopically fine particles of titanium oxide that provide the paint high covering and heat reflecting capacities.
  • Solar guard will not harm the crop.
  • Solar guard has fully acrylic binding agent which makes the paint extremely resistant to UV Degradation. It is also a flexible paint post drying so it does not flake out due to flexing of plastic.
  • Solar guard adheres perfectly to horticultural plastic films and metal construction parts.
  • It has no organic solvents or other components that can harm plastic.
  • Solar guard is water based and it is environment friendly.


Directions of Use:

  • Remove any dust and dirt from the plastic surface.
  • Remove any rust or grease from the metal surface.
  • Stir well before application and this with water as desired.



Solar guard must be applied by roller brush as follows.


Clean the brushes and rollers with water after use.


At a small cost of about 4 Rs. Per sq. M of greenhouse surface area you can expect to get minimum 25 % extra life of the plastic on the terrace.



To find this and many other exciting products, please visit


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