Right investments in technology can bring higher returns in agriculture. At one end I meet farmers who don’t earn more than 40 thousands per acre per year while some of the farmers are easily making upto average 4-5 lakhs rupees per acre by adopting right technology.  One such technology is use of right colored plastic mulch.

The title image is from a tomato farm near Hasergetta in Bangalore. All other parameters like seeds,date of planting, variety of seeds, fertigation all being same the only differentiator is the colour of mulch. (even the supplier and make is same).

Plastic mulching is always used with well designed drip irrigation under the cover. You can see two kinds of mulch in the above image Black and white and black and silver

Black and white mulch must be used in summer time planting in most of the warm countries. Black and white mulch keeps the root zone soil cooler in summer. It reflects upto 60 % of photo active radiation back to the plant. This results in healthier and stronger plant hence higher yield compared to no mulch or other colour mulch.

Using this technology farmers have been able to get upto 60-90 tons of yield per acre in a growing season in India1


Black and  Silver mulch good for winter planting. Black and silver relfects the PAR and some other parts of spectrum back to the flying insects thus reducing insect atttacks.

Following is the image from a farmer Tanaji Thete from Nashik who used black and silver mulch for the first time in turmeric. He got an yield of approx 30 tons per acre from this field.




So it is important to select the right mulch colour based on the time of planting.

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